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Friesland Boeit

Friesland Boeit is an expert in reaching company goals by using the escape room. The founders of the escape room as a training tool. Very suitable for training, self-reflection, reports and teambuilding because of the use of video analysts, trainers and behavioural scientists. Do you want to build on a a new team? Get insight in your in-house qualities? Enhance or take on the aspects of teambuilding? Let’s build a strategy together. Oh, and, we are transportable. We set up the escape room at any place you want.

“Esch Cape is a real life situation, great to play, and we try to take lessons out of it how co-working, communication and leadership develop and which factors are effective” Source: GPTV

Jelle Dijkstra
Jelle DijkstraProfessor Personal Leadership and Innovation Power

“Yesterday we had a great inspiring teambuilding event by Justin van Vliet of Friesland Boeit! An absolute recommendation, starting in the mobile Esch Cape Room which was set up at our own company” Source: LinkedIn

Ronald Kleiker
Ronald Kleiker Head of Administration