Serious gaming

Our escape rooms are not just a training, research and teambuilding tool. Our escape rooms are also being hired for recruitment and selection, as event and city marketing, as an eye catcher on conferences. We can create the escape room totally to your own needs and demands, where we can create games where the process, behaviour or knowledge can be analysed and be reflected on.

We love to share our ideas on recruitment, selection and marketing. Our escape room is transportable and can be build up on the location you would like and we have developed many escape rooms for companies who want to have their own specialized escape room, focused on the business strategy of the company. We have created escape rooms that train people in a variety of ways, e.g. Agile management, Intensive Ambulatory Family Care, Customer Service and so on.  The escape room becomes something of your own identity, especially when also the interior and exterior is designed in your corporate identity. Let’s build a strategy together.