The training sessions  of Friesland Boeit revolve around development from positivity. Working from positivity and the authenticity of the people, our sessions always give you the result you look for. We are experts in communication, co-working and leadership. Because the training is combined with playing the escape room, beforehand – during the game – a feeling of trust and safety is built.

Trusting your co-workers talents, where the game enhances de connection that ensures the safety. You have to work together. This is always the bases for a trainings session where employees, teams and organisations are being helped  into working towards the company goals.

An overview of the possibilities:

In a 30 minutes timeslot, we take five of your employees into our escape room. Will they be able to escape and set a good time? Every day a hundred employees can play.

Next to teambuilding, employees will confront their selves with their own video, while being trained by one of our video analysts. How does the team communicate? How is the collaboration? Who’s taking charge? Every day we can coach up to eighty employees with this insight giving session.

By means of teambuilding and self-reflection, we confront the employees. We will tweak and tune our training so that your company puzzle is being solved. We can advise you on communication, co working and leadership. Every day we can train up to thirty employees this way.

Would you like to know how your employees collaborate, communicate and show leadership? A professional team report is written including scores on the skills that you like to see measured.  Every day a hundred employees can participate.